How The Weather Could Affect The Spread of Covid-19 – VIRAL WEATHER

Chris St. Clair hosts a panel of experts exploring how the weather may impact COVID-19, featuring TWN’s Chief Meteorologist Chris Scott, CEO of Weather Source Mark Gibbas and Infectious Disease Expert Dr. Sumon Chakrabarti.

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5 Replies to “How The Weather Could Affect The Spread of Covid-19 – VIRAL WEATHER”

  1. Dr. Chakrabarti said the virus can last a couple hours on plastic and metal and up to days on cardboard. Is there any chance he mispoke and meant it the other way around? Until his statement, I have read that it lasts longer on hard surfaces. Confused.

  2. COVID-19 is currently rampant in both cold & warm temperatures. E.g. Iceland is very cold and their total cases to date are 890 with 2 deaths……………..India is very warm and their total cases to date are 933 with 20 deaths

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