High Speed Camera Test, Cardinal Landing And Taking Off

Testing out a high speed camera. Footage of a Northern Cardinal landing and taking off in slow motion and real time.


17 Replies to “High Speed Camera Test, Cardinal Landing And Taking Off”

  1. I thumbs down your vids cause i just got done watching the moore tornado vid and where everything was destroyed and people needed help you just sat there and recorded. Didnt bother to help or go find someone you could try to help. Even if you didn't no what to do you could of got someone to help.

  2. One time there was a nest of woodpeckers and there was three babies and the last baby before it flew away the second baby was in a tree and a cardinal came and sat right next to the Woodpecker and coax the last bird out of its nest teach you how to fly it was awesome man a real site to see and it makes so much noise a miracle first flight

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