Ground Blizzard Hits Eastern Shore Of Lake Ontario – 2/28/2020

Powerful winds from an intense low pressure system create ground blizzard conditions and rough surf along the eastern shores of Lake Ontario in Jefferson County, NY.

Shot Description

Shots 1-8: Powerful winds create near whiteout ground blizzard conditions in the town of Sackets Harbor, NY.
Shots 9-13: Waves crash over large mounds of ice along the eastern shores of Lake Ontario at Southwick Beach State Park.


23 Replies to “Ground Blizzard Hits Eastern Shore Of Lake Ontario – 2/28/2020”

  1. This kind of reminds me of the night I had to walk from the bus stop when I was in my late teens. The place I got off ( I had no choice the bus broke down ) was 3 miles from where I lived. To get home faster I cut across a field of a near by farm, about halfway through I got lost and by the time I found out where I was the temp went down about 15 degrees colder making around 5 degrees without the windchill and at night. I knew of a tool shack near some trees and broke the lock and got in, I had a lighter in my pocket and made a small fire to help stay warm. The next morning everything was clear and 2 feet of snow came down, I got home 2 hours later. A few days later I went back to the farm house and told the guy who owned it what I did and gave him a new lock that I paid for … he wasn't mad at all and thanked me for the new lock.

  2. You guys are much better off hitting drifts than here in boring SC, where it's only 31F this morning with some frost LOL
    How boring! I wish it would drop -400F here so that I freeze instantly and don't have to wake up Monday morning!!

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