GoPro Hero 8 Time Lapse The British Weather Day One

Before explaining to you, step by step, how to set the TimeLaps mode on GoPro Hero 8, let’s see what are the necessary requirements, without which it will not be possible to proceed to the realization of your video:
● Own a GoPro Hero 8
● Use a support that is tripod or suction cup
● Find a place to store your support
● A scene to shoot in timelapse

Once you are ready, you can set up your GoPro by following these steps:

Step 1: Press the “Power/Mode” button until the camera symbol starts flashing;

Step 2: Press the shutter-release button and your GoPro will start shooting every two seconds, as per the default setting;

Step 3: If you need to change the shooting interval, press “Power/Mode” again until the “SET” icon appears. Now press the shutter release button to enter the menu and use the “Power/Mode” button to navigate through the menu.

Step 4: Now scroll to “P2” on the display and, once it appears, use the shutter-release button to select the other options: P5, P10, P30, P60.
Step 5: To confirm your choice, press the “Power/Mode” button once more.