Flash Flooding Stalls Drivers In Saint Cloud, MN – 8/14/2020

Flash Flooding from very heavy rain combined with more rush hour made for a mess around the Saint Cloud, MN area as numerous drivers where flooded out.

Raw footage from the flash flooding as vehicles drove through the flooding.

Shot Description

00:00 – Vehicle flooded out in the middle of the road and another vehicle turns around when seeing the water.

00:28 – Lots of vehicles driving through over a foot of water with one vehicle stalling out in the deep flood water at 53 seconds.

01:15 – Police block a road way that was flooded out as several vehicles are stalled and stranded as people still try to make it through the flood waters.

01:39 – People pushing their flooded vehicle out to the flood waters.

02:10 – Two vehicles flooded out with a sign that warns “Road Subject To Flooding”.

02:29 – Woman says “Happy Friday” as she gets out of her flooded SUV.

02:42 – Body shop with flood water up to the building and someone pushing water out of one of the bays.

02:52 – Someone pushing their flooded vehicle out of the flooding as another vehicle drives into the flooding.

03:37 – Long raw clip of flash flooding that is several feet deep at points and people driving into it with stalled out vehicles on the side of the road.

05:01 – Different perspective of flash flooding that is several feet deep at points and people driving into it with stalled out vehicles on the side of the road.


29 Replies to “Flash Flooding Stalls Drivers In Saint Cloud, MN – 8/14/2020”

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  2. Flooded streets can be deceptively deep, but it always wonders me how many cars forge through at full speed after seeing how deep it is from others plowing through.

  3. OMG & St. Cloud is only like 100 miles North of where I am & we haven’t had a drop away. I was watching the weather this morning and saw the radar. Most of the rain storm was going West to East. Glad it missed us so far. Bye

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