Faribault, MN Winter Storm, Wrecks and Interstate 35 Shut Down – 4/10/2019

Powerful winter storm hit southern Minnesota this afternoon can has caused numerous crashes on the Interstate and side roads. Interstate 35 has been shut down for most of the afternoon from Faribault,MN to Medford, MN as dozens of accidents occurred over a very sort time frame.

Footage shot on I35 and along the interstate on the frontage road and over passes showing the magnitude of the accidents in the heavy snow.

Shot Description

Various clips of driving in the heavy snow and the numerous wrecks

SID: Doug Kiesling


47 Replies to “Faribault, MN Winter Storm, Wrecks and Interstate 35 Shut Down – 4/10/2019”

  1. With snow this bad, I would be sitting in a nice
    warm truck stop, cafe drinking hot coffee, and
    telling naughty jokes to the waitresses . . . . .
    Ain't no LOAD EVER worth anybody's LIFE ,
    Especially MINE . . . . .

  2. stupid Morons they should have their insurance go up and l know from Sept to May u can get snow any time but to many Hot heads think they know it all now they are on the walking side of their stupidy

  3. YAAAA…Yew betcha'…….YAAAAA…….sorta' funny lookin' ya know? I don't know…..just funny lookin' Yaaaaa know? Hey ! That chipper scene added a little color to the snow….yaaaaa know?

  4. None of these "accidents" would happen if people would just slow down for the conditions. Even at 20-25mph your still moving along and not sitting in a ditch.

  5. Some day all vehicles will have V2V systems which would warn drivers of stopped vehicles ahead which they can’t yet see. About 20 years ago I heard of a multiple car pileup on I-35 south of the Twin Cities and called my cousin who I knew was driving up that road. He took the next exit and used country roads. An ambulance with its lights on passed on the highway just as he was taking the exit.

  6. Being born in Massachusetts, I always find it hilarious when entire states shut down over a couple inches of snow and sleet. In order for my kids school's to cancel classes there needs to be at least 6+ inches already on the ground. Same with work, 2 feet of snow on the ground? Better be on time lol.

  7. Yea I went past there north bound just as the wrecks were starting. I really like the way Swift and Fed-Ex are always featured in videos like this! To be fair, anything with those “swingin’ doors” is easy game to be picked on! For example: There is a road that parallels I-35 about where it was closed Wednesday that has a low trestle over it. You can see where this is going right? Yep!!! The first door swinger that came along and that road was plugged also!!!

  8. I'm glad that Winter is over and the snow is gone here in Ohio…or at least I hope….Spring time has begun….Winter was way too long this year….

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