Extremely Rare Scottsdale, AZ Snow – 2/21/2019

Video of Rare Snowfall in the Northern Suburbs of Phoenix Arizona.

Shot Description
Shot 1: Tight shot of Scottsdale Welcome sign with snow falling
Shot 2: Wide shot of Scottsdale Welcome sign with snow and car passing on the road.
Shot 3: Medium shot of Saguaro Cacti wit a dusting of snow and snow fall.
Shot 4: Wide shot of saguaro cacti and a snowy roadway
Shot 5: Medium shot of car stuck in the snow. 4×4 getting ready to hook up some chains to help pull it out.
Shot 6: Wide shot of stuck car and lots of snow falling.
Shot 7: Tight shot of snow falling and accumulation in the desert
Shot 8: Wide shot of snow falling in the desert.
Shot 9: Wide shot driving down snowy road in north Scottsdale.

SID: Bryan Snider


19 Replies to “Extremely Rare Scottsdale, AZ Snow – 2/21/2019”

  1. That Winter storm was something to see. I went up to Seven Springs that Saturday after the storm and it was something I will never forget. I've seen it snow before in north Scottsdale but this was something else. From Kingman to Nogales in one storm.

  2. When places like here get snow, they only way the can plow the streets are with road graders which are design to plow dirt, not snow. Not sure if they make for a very good snow plow

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