Extremely Rare Anticyclonic Tornado near Fort Laramie, WY 9/10/2019

A series of tornadoes impacted rural areas East of Fort Laramie, Wyoming approaching and likely crossing Highway 85 North of Lingle, WY several miles.

The first long clip is of the Wedge Tornado.

Clip 5 show possible Anticyclonic tornado which means that the tornado spins clockwise in the northern hemisphere and only about 2% of all tornadoes are Anticyclonic.

Shot Description

1. Wide long clip of Wedge Tornado forming over the hills near Fort Laramie, WY.

2. Close-up of Tornado rapidly forming on hill

3. Tornado growing as it moves East slowly

4. Tornado approaching Highway 85 North of Lingle, WY

5. Possible Anticyclonic tornado over Highway 85

6. Time lapse of mesocyclone wrapping in rain

SID: Terrence Cook


17 Replies to “Extremely Rare Anticyclonic Tornado near Fort Laramie, WY 9/10/2019”

  1. You know what? I noticed that the low pressure system that’s over the west US right now was rotating clockwise instead of counterclockwise and was wondering if any tornadoes would drop out of it. Amazing. I love feeling smart.

  2. Nothing rare about that tornado. It's spinning counterclockwise like the vast majority do. Velocity cuplet on dopplar radar confirmed this. You can see that the rotation in your video is counterclockwise.

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