Extremely low fuel prices in Red Wing, MN – 4/10/2020

One side effect to the Covid 19 or Coronavirus shut down in Minnesota is the drastic drop in fuel prices.

Regular fuel in part of Minnesota is selling for as low as $0.87 per gallon ($0.86.9) if you have a loyalty card to save a few cents off the posted price of $0.89.9 per gallon.

B-Roll footage of the fuel prices at several gas stations around the city of Red Wing, MN in Goodhue County which is about 30 miles southeast of downtown Saint Paul, MN.

Fuel prices have not been this low in at least several decades in Minnesota and are some of the lowest prices in America at this time.

Shot Description

Clip 1 Red Wing, MN welcome sign.

Clip 2 Wide shot of a fuel price sign showing that the price was $0.89 per gallon.

Clip 3 Tight shot on the fuel price.

Clip 4 Tight shot of the pump price for this sale.

Clip 5 Filling up where the price is $14.59 but the number of gallons is more then the price.

Clip 6 Receipt showing how extremely low cost the fuel is now in parts of Minnesota due to Covid and the state being basically shut down.

Clip 7- 10 Prices at various other stores in the area around town showing this is a wide spread price drop.

Clip 11 Traffic driving through Red Wing.

Clip 12 – 14 More extremely low fuel prices of $0.89 around the area.


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  1. Last time I seen .88 was when I was a kid sitting in the back seat of my grandmothers car. WAYYYYYYYY Back. All you sorry people missed the grand ole days, we even knew what sex gender we was, Amazing the 70's/80's were. Good ole times. These gas prices fk'd up my stock options. Who ever has WLL is in deep crap. Example: A torpedo launched at a 6' aluminum boat. That's how bad, lmao.

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