Digging out from the record snow won't be an easy task in St.John's Newfoundland

Digging out from this weekend’s snowstorm in Newfoundland with The Weather Network’s Chris Murphy.

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19 Replies to “Digging out from the record snow won't be an easy task in St.John's Newfoundland”

  1. Newfies so tough they take anything. Is that why u called the army in to clear a path to beer store. Food water caaad. Sqweeeeech. Mason jars yummy. What u call this moose turnup. Peas. Carrots potatoes. Man this is the best. Mmmm home made bread ohh yeaaass.

  2. Global warming where 16-year-old underage women travel the world in first class airplanes and speak in the Senate and Congress and the United Nations. Who pays you the bills little girls ha ha

  3. …🌨️🌨️🌨️…🌨️🌨️🌨️…

  4. It’s not so bad it’s just a bit of snow just wish they wouldn’t blow it up in the news and make it seem like it’s some mystical snow storm and the snow removal in Newfoundland sucks They don’t know what they’re doing they’re milking the job and the governments going after more money they knew the storm was coming they piled all the snow on the sidewalks and waited for the storm to come they could’ve kept the trucks running in most places of St. John’s but they didn’t all the hospitals have their own snow clearing City Hall all of that even the Avalon malls got eight trucks in the parking lot and this so-called state of emergency should’ve been lifted yesterday when the snow stopped We don’t need the army we need a new government and city management because what we have now is to corrupt

  5. Thirty inches of snow in one dump! Plus with those 100 mph winds, I am sure the snowdrifts are huge in some places. Now the big dig. Newfoundlanders are good people I am sure neighbours will be helping neighbours with digging out.

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