Cruise Ships Shutdown Ghost Town, Port of Miami – Miami, FL – 3/15/2020

A desolate Port of Miami as all Miami based cruise lines suspend operating cruises out of Miami due to coronavirus COVID-19 contagion. The is an unprecedented situation per statement from the cruise ship industry. Eight cruise ships sit at port docked without passengers on what would typically be a very busy spring break weekend. Roads at the port are void of traffic and parking structures on what should be the busiest departure day of the week.
Shot Description

1) Wide shot of Dodge Island and the Port of Miami Florida with eight cruise ships docked and port nearly void of activity.
2) Empty cruise ship deck.
3) Port Blvd with zero traffic. This would normally be solid traffic in all lanes on Sunday.
4) Empty parking structures at port of Miami.
5,6) Empty roads at cruise ship terminals.
7) Empty parking lot.
8) Empress of the Seas sits empty at Royal Caribbean Miami head quarters.
9) Stern of Explorer of the Seas.
10,11) Deck of Explorer of the Sea shows no passengers.
12) Deck of MSC Meraviglia void of passengers.
13) Royal Caribbean’s HQ building at Port of Miami.
14) Stern of Empress of the Seas at dock.


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  1. Y Sun is currently down in Miami right now living out of my pick up truck because he does not like living in Melbourne Florida if you need any video footage of anything let me know I will try to send it to you you me directions on where you want it sent to and what you want photos

  2. The Coronavirus is hitting this nation really hard. I hope everyone if okay after hearing the news about this contagion. We'll have to make sure no one got sick during travel.

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