Colorado Springs, CO Panic Buying Leads to Empty Walmart Shelves

Shelves usually full of canned goods, toilet paper, and other supplies are as employees try to keep up with demand on March 14, 2020 at Walmarts across Colorado Springs, Colorado. On March 13, 2020 President Trump declared a national emergency over the Coronavirus, Covid-19 after the W.H.O. declared it a pandemic.
Shot Description

0:00 – An isle normally filled with toilet paper and paper towels is mostly empty at Walmart

0:17 – Mostly empty shelves usually containing pasta and pasta sauce

0:32 – Another shot of empty shelves usually containing pasta and rice

0:41 – Closeup of empty shelf usually containing canned goods

0:49 – A note asks customers to limit purchasing of Babywipe products

1:06 – Empty shelves of hand soap

1:24 – Closeup of Empty shelves of hand soap

1:31 – Shoppers pick out items near an empty shelf

1:51 – Shoppers shopping

2:05 – Empty meat shelves

2:17 – Empty shelves normally stocked with eggs

2:29 – Closeup of empty shelves normally stocked with eggs

2:40 – More empty egg shelves

2:46 – Walmart employee tidy’s up egg shelf with limited stock

2:51 – Empty toilet paper and paper tower shelves

3:01 – Closeup of empty toilet paper shelf

3:10 – Near-empty meat isle

3:25 – Hand sanitizing station

3:35 – Closeup of hand sanitizing station

3:40 – Shoppers exiting Walmart in Colorado Springs


26 Replies to “Colorado Springs, CO Panic Buying Leads to Empty Walmart Shelves”

  1. Several many vids like this, so the question often repeated are the trucks really truly rolling for increased demand? Distro and supply chain, manufacturing Rising to meet the emergency panic buying??? Maybe not. Online shopping at Walmart is not good at all. All Warehouses empty. Will the social controls crash the economy, then force the inevitable fiscal reset sooner, as it was waiting for just this kind of crisis??

  2. When NYC holds a press conference b/c an 84 yr old woman "dies from Corona Virus", even though she had emphysema weeks prior show you the DEMTARDS are thriving on scare the the country tactics. And no matter what Trump says or does or doesn't do, it will be WRONG in the Media's eyes.

  3. Absolutely stupid people panicking. Food store and pharmacies will not be shut down. I received an email from Walmart clearly stating they will stay open so what’s the point in herding? Other emails received from grocery stores and shopping stores stating they will limit only two articles of the same product to clients. All stores should take this practice up immediately.

  4. I went grocery shopping yesterday for just my normal shopping time. Could not find a can of peas. Limited on how much bread I could buy. Thank God I know how to make it from scratch. But this is just ridiculous!! It was even worse here when tropical storm Harvey came through. That was more understandable, with 52" of rain, hard to even name it to the store due to high water everywhere! This is when people should make sure they buy nothing from China!! Full blown boycott. This was done on purpose. Have you heard the reason why they did it? Research it.

  5. people get around the limits by using their kids or relatives to buy limited stock. One lady at Aldis bought the limit on can goods but right behind her in line was obviously her daughter and maybe an aunt. Each had the limit on canned goods.

  6. This is how my Walmart looks too! It’s terrifying!! I barely got any food. I work retail so I didn’t see the grocery store until today! Everything is wiped out

  7. We are having the same thing in Britain but with slightly smaller shelves.
    But I'm laughing at these panic buyers because they're buying the wrong stuff.
    Toilet paper is a luxury, there's other ways to get clean, and hand sanitizer I'm making myself 100% alcohol.

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