Clipper system creates Mayhem around St. Cloud, MN – 1/3/2019

A fast moving clipper system moved through the state of Minnesota today and brought just enough snow to make the roads extremely slick during the afternoon rush hour.

Dozens of Accidents where reported around the Saint Cloud, MN metro area with one aftermath of a Progressive Auto Insurance vehicle that was rear ended. We think someone wanted to really name their own price, EXPENSIVE, for hitting an insurance company vehicle…
Shot Description

Clip 1 Saint Cloud, MN Police on the scene of a Red Car that rear ended a Progressive Insurance SUV.

Clip 2 Tight shot of the red vehicle with a smashed up front end.

Clip 3 Tight shot of the back of the Progressive SUV and the smashed up front of the red car.

Clip 4 Wide shot of the accident scene from the back.

Clip 5 Wide shot of the accident scene from the front.

Clip 6 Side view with the police officer walking through the shot.

Clip 7 Tight side view of the smashed up front of the red car.

Clip 8 Medium shot of the red car and the back of the Progressive SUV.

Clip 9 – 10 Roll Over Accident on County Road 75.

Clip 11 – 12 Snow Plow dumping a lot of material on the road to help with traction.

Clip 13 Car stuck in the snow bank outside of the Saint Cloud State Prison.

Clip 14 POV shot of the slick roads with the glaze of ice on them.

Clip 15 Following a MNDot Anti Icing truck.

Clip 16 – 18 Jackknifed Pickup Truck and Trailer on Highway 10.


19 Replies to “Clipper system creates Mayhem around St. Cloud, MN – 1/3/2019”

  1. That's what you get when you don't use winter tires in the winter. So many people say "Oh, I cannot afford winter tires!" Okay then, how about affording a new car now that your old car is totaled.

  2. Seems like Minnesota is being pummeled this year ! 4 wheel drive is a musr there ! Chains around tires is also a must on certain vehicles!
    I wonder where Evil Omar lives !

  3. I'm in Minnesota on I 90 east Of Sioux Falls South Dakota, It was white out conditions it wasn't snowing it was just blowing high winds and picking up the snow causing treacherous road conditions, It was blowing so badd I was doing a live Facebook video of it, Feel free to check out my video there Was numerous semis and cars wrecking in the median, I had to pull over, just east of the state line of Minnesota and SD. My name is Facebook is Joseph William Gardiner Sr feel free to record my video of this accident .

  4. First clip is of a car rear ending a Progressive insurance vehicle….second clip is of a vehicle rolling over in a ditch in front of a collision repair shop lol.

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