Burlington, CO Night I70 Snow Travel Hazards – 10/30/2019

Major winter storm hammering parts of the high plains with Winter Storm Warnings in effect as up to a foot of snow may fall overnight across parts of eastern Colorado. Numerous wrecks closed I-70 near Limon and snow-covered roads made for very hazardous travel across the eastern Plains of Colorado.

Shot Description

Scenes 1-2: Shots of heavy snow falling on the Colorado state sign at the CO/KS border.

Scenes 3-4: C-DOT highway sign warning drivers that I-70 is closed ahead.

Scene 5-6: Emergency crews on scene of a semi off the side of I-70.

Scene 7-8: Overpass shots looking down on I-70 just west of Burlington.

Scene 9-10: POV driving shots along I-70 passing the Burlington exit.

Scene 11-12: Shots of traffic driving slow on I-70 in heavy falling snow.

Scene 13: Snowplow turning onto US-24 in Burlington.

Scene 14-15: Traffic on US-24 in Burlington as heavy snow falls and blows across the road.

Scene 16-17: Truck with emergency flashers pulled off the highway.

Scene 18: Parked car at rest stop in Burlington.

Scene 19: Heavy snow falling in street light.


Scene 20-21: Shots of snow falling on the Kansas state sign.

Scene 22-26: Shots of semi that slid off a ramp heading into a rest stop just east of the CO/KS border.

Scene 27: Snow falling over the rest stop.

Scene 28-29: K-DOT sign warning of slick roads.

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7 Replies to “Burlington, CO Night I70 Snow Travel Hazards – 10/30/2019”

  1. These truckers should know better. Why aren't they in their parked and in their cabins sleeping? That route 70 has steep embankments on many parts of the road and these guys are out there driving at night in a snow storm on it.

  2. I think you need to add more watermarks to the videos. There are not nearly enough. Maybe add some to the middle of the screen, 3-4 to either side-oh, and maybe make the videos much shorter…… The content is great-it is just the obsessive watermarking / extremely short videos that seem to limit this channel-IMO.

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