Blizzard with lots of vehicles stuck in deep snow in Watertown, NY – 2/28/2020

A powerful storm system brought intense snow and strong winds to the Watertown NY area. Numerous vehicles became stuck in the deep snow, and residents helped each other get them free.
Shot Description

SHOT 1: Two people push a stuck vehicle out of a deep snow bank.
SHOT 2: A large tow truck pulls a vehicle free from a deep snow bank.
SHOT 3: A person pushed a stuck vehicle out of a snow bank and back onto the road.
SHOT 4: A person helps to push a vehicle free.
SHOT 5: A vehicle becomes even more stuck in the snow.
SHOT 6 & 7: A large snow plow passes by the camera in deep snow.
SHOT 8: A police officer directs traffic in the middle of blinding snowfall.
SHOT 9: A person walks up a snowy sidewalk and loses his balance on the ice, nearly falling.
SHOT 10: People clear a sidewalk from nearly 2 feet of snow.
SHOT 11 & 12: A man uses a snowblower to clear the deep snow from his driveway.
SHOT 13: Driving by houses buried in deep snow.
SHOT 14: A man uses a snowblower amidst heavy falling snow.
SHOT 15: Traffic lined up in heavy falling snow.
SHOT 16: A man shoveling snow off the sidewalk.
SHOT 17: Two people walk by in yellow jackets during heavy snow.
SHOT 18: Panning shot of the statue in downtown Watertown, NY during intense snow.


44 Replies to “Blizzard with lots of vehicles stuck in deep snow in Watertown, NY – 2/28/2020”

  1. 😂any one who lived thru
    the winter of 1978,
    is laughing at THIS! 😂
    This is a joke, my jeep was buried up to the windows a few years back, in Cleveland Ohio .
    It took 5 men over an hour to dig it out, just so I could use my 4wd to finish the job😂

  2. I love this Video ! We have no Snow in Deutschland ! I have a Rodel / Schlitten with Bells, to the Rodelgrounds in the Wood is a short Way. A Rodelbahn for Kinder is 100 Meter away.
    Use the Snow to drink a good Glühwein, or a good Punsch or Test the Feuerzangenbowle !

    Best Greetings from Barsinghausen / Deutschland ! Heiko

  3. when you car is on movement…dont stop if there is lot of snow on the street…keep moving…even slowly….because when the car stop moving…loose its grip…and you get stuck

  4. Lived through a few snow storms while living in Chicago. 1967 and 1978 come to mind. When you’re a kid it’s great. In “67 school was closed for a week. In “78 I had a job and had to somehow get to work, not fun!! Now I live in Arizona and am spoiled by the summer temperatures all year long. I only miss the snow around Christmas time! Thanks for the video,keeps me from getting too homesick 😂

  5. Went to college at Oswego in the 60's. Live in Seattle now. We get an inch of snow and they shut everything down. I just stay home and avoid the crazy drivers with no snow tires on SUV's who can't go anywhere without getting stuck or hitting something. Miss those real winters in Upstate NY.

  6. Good points made here tonight, the past 2 winters have been mild here in south Jersey. No snow. Zero. There are new drivers out there with no experience in driving in winter weather.

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