Blizzard shuts down Interstate 70 in Northwest, KS – 11/26/2019

Blizzard conditions continued to hammer northwest Kansas leading to the closure of numerous highways, including I-70, US-36, US-40, and KS-27. Near whiteout conditions combined with icy roads lead to the closures. Up to a half a foot of snow has already fallen in the region with more expected through the evening.

As of 2:00pm, I-70 was closed from Colby, Kansas west all the way to Denver, Colorado.
Shot Description

Scene 1: SOT from Kansas State Trooper Austin Ackerman talking about the conditions along I-70 and why they closed it.

0:32-1:30 COLBY, KANSAS (Thomas County)

Scene 2-5: Shots of two KS State Troopers sitting at the Colby exit with the gates down.

Scene 6: Shot of traffic exiting at the Colby closure.

Scene 7: Shot of highway sign telling motorists to exit I-70.

Scene 8: Panning shot of snowplow on I-70.

Scene 9: POV driving shot of the hazardous conditions along I-70 between Levant and Colby.

1:30-3:53 GOODLAND, KANSAS (Sherman County)

Scene 10: Nearly whiteout conditions in Goodland along I-70 at the closure at exit 17.

Scene 11: Shot looking over the gate at Trooper sitting at Goodland exit.

Scene 12-13: Shots of trooper and closure gates along I-70 at Goodland.

Scene 14: Shot of trooper on I-70 in very heavy falling snow.

Scene 15-17: Traffic exiting westbound I-70 at Goodland.

Scene 18: Wide shot of I-70 closure.

Scene 19-20: Snowplows on K-27 in Goodland in very heavy snow.

Scene 21-22: Shots of traffic in near whiteout conditions along K-27 in Goodland.

Scene 23: Near whiteout conditions hiding grain elevators in Goodland.

Scene 24-25: Shots of very heavy snow falling against trees.

3:53-5:12 ST. FRANCIS, KANSAS (Cheyenne County)

Scene 26-27: Shots of K-DOT sign warning drivers that US-36 is closed west of St. Francis due to the blizzard.

Scene 28-29: Shots of the US-36 closure.

Scene 30: State trooper sitting along US-36.

Scene 31: Trooper driving into the snow, vanishing from sight.

Scene 32-33: POV driving shots along US-36 in near whiteout conditions.

Scene 34: Looking west along US-36 with near whiteout conditions.

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35 Replies to “Blizzard shuts down Interstate 70 in Northwest, KS – 11/26/2019”

  1. I drive this route from Missouri to the Colorado Rockies every few years and always see those road barriers up in the high plains. Have always wondered how unforgiving the weather must be for them to close those gates and shut down this busy interstate. This video pretty much sums it up. Getting stuck or stranded out in those remote stretches of I70 KS would be seriously life threatening.

  2. They shut down the highway for a dusting of snow? Common sense says," skuukum on the road slow your choocher". Im sitting up here in dulth with almost 61cm for all you metric fans. Just another day in the park Aye.

  3. Mid 70s on the beaches of South Carolina tomorrow. Y'all come! Bring your Speedo and Yankee money…..
    Yankee money cheerfully accepted!
    Leave your tire chains in the trunk.
    Sell Global Warming BS in Colorado. What nonsense….

  4. Nice interview with the troopers and great B Roll of the on-interstate closures, never seen that before (I’m from WI).
    Did the LEO in the F150 come over to check on you?

  5. Well, poo… Guessing my O-Nite/NxtDay UPS Meds Dlvry, from OKC to DEN to GCK won't make it tomorrow. Just got the UPS txt about 45mins ago. From the looks of this vid I bet they'll send one saying… See ya Friday!!

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