Big Hail from Supercell Thunderstorm hits Isabel, KS – 9/24/2019

The first full day of Fall saw intense storms dumping large hail across portions of central and southern Kansas. Hail over 2-inches was reported along with wind gusts near 80mph as severe storms moved slowly southeast across the region.

Video package shot near the town of Isabel along the Barber County line. Isabel is about 25 miles southeast of Pratt, and Pratt is 75 miles west of Wichita.
Shot Description

Scene 1: Wide shot of the supercell near Isabel.

Scene 2-3: POV driving shots as torrential rain and large hail fall.

Scene 4-6: Shots of golfball size hail slamming into the street.

Scene 7: Shot holding large hail in hand, the biggest stone measuring 2.25 inches across.

Scene 8: Hailstone with ruler.

Scene 9: Driving shot along side storm with large dust plume being kicked up.

Scene 10: 2x timelapse of rotation in the storm.

Scene 11-13: Shots of ragged rotating wall cloud.

Scene 14: Cool shot of blowing dust in front of a vivid rainbow.

Scene 15-19: Various shots of dark wall cloud northwest of Isabel.

Scene 20: High winds blowing past tree.

SID: Tornadoes Kick Media


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