Bahamas Air, Nassau Bahamas, Chris Cline Transport – 7/5/2019

Raw 1280×720 footage of crews unloading the remains of the crash victims from the helicopter crash with Billionaire Chris Cline into several awaiting vehicles to transport to the medical examiners office in Nassau Bahamas.

B-Roll footage from the Nassau Bahamas airport where the remains from the Billionaire Chris Cline Helicopter crash where flown to this afternoon from Freeport Bahamas.


7 Replies to “Bahamas Air, Nassau Bahamas, Chris Cline Transport – 7/5/2019”

  1. Wow was that the bodies including Mr Cline going home?? You would think Chump Trump would of sent over a C130 to pick them all up . After all Mr Cline did donate 1Million Dollars to the Trump Campaign of his presidential election

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