Arkells fight COVID-19 social distancing isolation with online music classes

As people look to combat the spread of COVID-19 by staying home, Hamilton’s Arkells have been running “flatten the curve” music classes online so fans can practise social distancing and jam out at the same time. 

The band posts chords to their songs across their social media accounts ahead of class time. (The goal of flatten the curve, which refers to an epidemiological graph of a disease outbreak, is to slow the spread in order to reduce the load on the country’s health-care system.)

Then, lead singer Max Kerman follows up with a tutorial on Instagram live, where his new crop of music students can log on, follow along and ask questions. 

Anthony Carone has also dropped in with keyboard tips and tricks.

In an Instagram post from an interview with CTV about the effort, Kerman said that he’s looking to help others stay positive and spread a little joy through music. 

“I try to find the silver lining in all this. I’m trying to be very thankful for the people in our government and health-care professionals that are working night and day to figure this thing out, and I’ve been trying to keep positive about it all,” said Kerman. 

“I really have the belief that if everyone hunkers down here for the next little bit and is well-behaved and does the right thing and does what we’re told, we can get on with the fun.” 

The Arkells have been running daily classes since the weekend, much to the delight of their fans. It also helps that as the music community comes together, the event puts emphasis on the main objective: avoiding interaction, but still staying connected to other people.

Viewers at home are being reminded about how the community can prevail in unprecedented times, with one person tweeting: “These lessons are making me smile when I could really use it.”

The next tutorial session will go live on Tuesday afternoon on the Arkells’s Instagram account. 

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