'Are you f–king kidding me?' Car almost hits woman with stroller

Warning: This video contains explicit language. A woman was nearly struck by a car as she was crossing an intersection in Toronto. People who live nearby say a nearby construction project has forced more cars onto the area’s side streets.

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32 Replies to “'Are you f–king kidding me?' Car almost hits woman with stroller”

  1. The brick covers part of the video, so I don't know if she was looking at the car before crossing. At 0:18 she's still on the sidewalk and the car is behind the blue car.
    At 0:19 the car drives forward and you can no longer she her.
    At 0:21 the car is still moving and you still can't see her.
    At 0:22 you now see the women, which it looks like she is running ahead of the car.
    My guess is, she wasn't paying attention and crossed the street. She walked faster to cross the street, than turned when the car got closer.
    The driver is wrong for continuing to drive away. You know they would be a hit-and-run driver from what they did.
    The women is wrong for not only leaving their child alone, but also jumping on top of the car.
    Both the driver and pedestrian have a responsibility to pay attention.
    The other car that drove by was also wrong, but then again, maybe they thought since the women jumped on the other car, that maybe there was no child.

    I hate crosswalks without stop lights. Sure, it doesn't mean a vehicle will stop, but I have more faith in the stop light system, than one without. While pedestrians have the right of way, you still have to look at what drivers are doing.

  2. For all the comments who are speaking against this women's actions bots because they don't understand emotion. That's someone's child! She's in emotion! She's trying to put that guy or girl to justice prob wanted to call the cops for what he did. She was trying to run it thinking she could make it. She didn't push her stroller for her child to get hit all of you are F

  3. Yes, she clearly ran in front of the car. Yes, the car did a 'rolling stop' but… it was already in the intersection when she was at the curb still. She literally ran in front of the car… she ran out in front of the car to throw a fit. She no doubt did it so that it would be caught on camera because there is an agenda. Looks like traffic is very busy there, that driver chose to be a jerk and not let you walk across, reality. The other car that drove around the whole thing…lol.

  4. While the driver should definitely have come to a full stop, that lady was most certainly running to cut the car off, thus putting her own baby in danger. Not to mention leaving it there unattended while she performed some ridiculous circus stunts.

  5. OK, I can see her getting pissed at that driver, but why would you just leave your kid still in the middle of the road?? After the few seconds yell, she should have quickly rolled the stroller out of the street.

  6. We have the same constant dangerous driving in Metro Vancouver and much of the time by people who can't speak English and who don't have the driving skills to actually take and pass a driver's test. Makes me wonder if there is money under the table in return for a " pass" on a driver's test that was never actually taken.

  7. She shouldn't have abandoned the stroller in the middle of the street. but reality is that cars aren't stopping at all and aren't giving the right to pedestrian. I also almost got run over while I was walking my dog and my baby on the stroller. you would think all three of us were very noticeably at 1 pm in the afternoon

  8. She totally ran into the road to beat the oncoming car. Shame on her for putting her infant in danger like that, just goes to show how crazy the women are getting in Toronto. Entitled and becoming bullies over some made up oh pression they have suffered. And how the media has portrayed this incident is a shame too. It’s only making all the lawyers rich.
    Great sound off that camera as-well,clear as day. It’s all too crazy doh

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