A historic Megadrought Could be Coming to parts of North America

We could be seeing the early stages of a drought that could last for decades, a new study finds. Captured a weather video or photo that you want to share?

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5 Replies to “A historic Megadrought Could be Coming to parts of North America”

  1. The Weather Network is an organization that has difficulty in accurately predicting weather 24 hours ahead. Seriously their rain and temperature predictions are seldom correct. And here they are predicting mega droughts. I bet they’d have predicted Clinton had a 92% chance of getting elected. These days the only people who take their predictions seriously are the forecasters themselves.

    Here’s a message to all those diligent forecasters at the channel. Why don’t you f**k off and get your 24 hour projections correct before wasting time on speculative BS.

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