6/18/2014 Tornado that tracked from Alpena, SD to just southwest of Huron, SD

A tornado formed just south of Alpena, SD and tracked all the way to southwest of Huron, SD before lifting up and missing any homes or towns.

*** Update*** Sad to learn that if the news is correct, the farm that the tornado in Clip 8 was hit by this tornado. We just hope that the live feed of this event that we did for the media helped to warn those in the area. At this time we have not heard of anyone hurt by this tornado but there were some hurt by the first tornado earlier in the evening.

Video is over 10 minutes long and covers several cameras from the full life cycle of the tornado as it was forming to as it roped out.

Clip 1 Lightning and the wall cloud forming

Clip 2 Lightning and the meso

Clip 3 Time Lapse west of Woonsocket SD of the Wall cloud passing over me and the cloud spinning like a top.

Clip 4 Looking up at the funnel cloud forming as the cloud rotation in real time.

Clip 5 POV Shot of the Tornado forming near Alpena, SD

Clip 6 Tornado Northeast of the intersection of 390th Ave and 232 Street. My Postion at the time was just south of Alpena, SD

Clip 7 POV shot of the Tornado just east of Alpena, SD where two tornadoes touch down at the same time.

Clip 8 POV shot of the tornado over a farm.

Clip 9 POV shot driving up to the tornado north of Alpena, SD

Clip 10 POV shot driving up to the tornado north of Alpena, SD

Clip 11 Driving north and paralleling the tornado path

Clip 12 Driving north and paralleling the tornado path as it becomes more obscured by the rain curtains

Clip 13 Just southwest of Huron, SD, looking back to the southwest as the tornado becomes visible out of the rain.

Clip 14 Tornado transformed into a large Stovepipe Tornado

Clip 15 Long UNCUT POV clip of the tornado as it moves closer to the camera and the farm about a 100 yards away.

Clip 16 Outside in the rain looking at the tornado just to my southwest moving towards me.

Clip 17 – 20 Outside in the rain and high winds as the tornado is just to my west on the other side of the farm.

Clip 21 POV shot looking west from the dash camera as the tornado moved right across the screen.

Clip 22 – 23 POV shot looking WNW as the tornado begins to rope out about a mile away.

Clip 24 Static shot of the tornado over a farm field as it begins to rope out.

Clip 24 POV shot driving on a minimum maintenance road towards the tornado before it roped out.

Clip 25 Tornado roping out over an open field just southwest of Huron, SD.

Clip 26 POV shot of the tornado roping out.

Clip 27 After the storm, incredible Mammatus clouds.

To license this footage, visit http://www.StormChasingVideo.com


14 Replies to “6/18/2014 Tornado that tracked from Alpena, SD to just southwest of Huron, SD”

  1. Boy they sure had plenty of action for the first time this spring really!  April and May were kind of inactive but since mid June it's really picked up now!    Have no chance to watch the long videos  – wish I had 5 hours to sit on the couch but I can't do it!  Always something to do within that time.  I can't even watch something that long.  This past winter was crazy – one snowstorm after another with long chase videos.
     I could only watch a fraction of them and had to go fast forward on most.   Great job! 

  2. Can't help but feel the sun is influencing these events :P. Had a 5 on the KP index today, that'll likely spawn more storms into tomorrow. Just a guess, but we shall see. Awesome footage as always.

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