3/4/2015 Marion, IL Heavy Snow & Traffic Accidents

A major winter storm is impacting the Ohio Valley with heavy snow and sleet hammering southern Illinois. WINTER STORM WARNINGS are in effect through Thursday morning as up to 10 inches of snow could fall by daybreak. Gusty winds are also creating near-zero visibilities along the roads.

Scene 1-3: Various shots of the Marion water tower overlooking I-57 in very heavy snowfall.

Scene 4: Shot looking down I-57 at the Marion exit sign in very heavy snow and low visibility.

Scene 5-7: POV driving shots along I-57 near Marion in the very heavy falling snow and low visibility.

Scene 8-9: Shots of an accident scene along I-57 north of Marion.

Scene 10-13: Shots of a spin-out vehicle in the ditch off Rt. 13 in Marion with a tow truck on scene.

Scene 14-16: SUV that hit the concrete median and was blocking the right lane of eastbound Rt. 13 in Marion. Damaged tail-light and cops on scene.

Scene 17-19: Empty vehicle in the median of I-57 that was involved in a roll-over earlier.

Scene 20: Semi trucks and a snow plow struggling on a ramp from I-57 north of Marion.

Scene 21: POV driving shot of oncoming snowplows clearing Rt. 13 near Marion.

Scene 22: Low visibility driving in Marion.

Scene 23: Heavy snow falling against a tree background.


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