3/15/2012 Saint Cloud, MN Police Chase Crash

One person is in jail this morning and one Minnesota State Patrol car is wrecked after a high speed police chase along Highway 10 through Saint Cloud, MN and into Clear Lake, MN before crashing. Just before 10:00 PM police were trying to stop a Chevy Pickup truck driving at a high rate of speed south bound on Highway 10. The driver lost control of the truck after trying to turn around after going through the median. No serious injuries were reported by troopers at the scene.

* Update * After checking with the State Patrol, the truck was speeding on U.S. Highway 10 near Benton County Road 33 and refused to stop for a Minnesota State Trooper for speeding.

The driver, Rebecca Lueck, 31, of Ironton, MN tried to out run the the trooper on Highway 10 and additional troopers, Saint Cloud Police and county deputies joined in the chase.

The fleeing driver exited on Minnesota Highway 23 where we saw the chase in progress and as soon as she exited Highway 10, she got right back on Highway 10 at a high rate of speed heading south again and drove upwards to 100 mph.

The chase continued on Highway 10 until reaching a couple of miles south of Clear Lake, MN where the her truck hit stop sticks that deflated the front drivers side tire. Rebecca Lueck, continued driving the disabled truck and went through the center median to try and escape by going north on Highway 10 where she crashed into two trooper vehicles trying to stop her before ending up crashing in the ditch of the northbound lane of Highway 10. After the chase ended, authorities say she had three children in the truck with her, ages 2, 3 and 7. No one was injured.

The three troopers driving the vehicles that were damaged escaped without injuries. There was moderate or minor damage to the troopers’ vehicles that is featured in this video.

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11 Replies to “3/15/2012 Saint Cloud, MN Police Chase Crash”

  1. Rebecca you are very lucky nothing happened to my nephew and nieces.  Get over things now and grow up.  Running from problems never helps!

  2. @sckloste I've had problems in different location like in Minneapolis. Up here its more relaxed and since I do news video production for a living, they just treat me like that other news photographers up here. I just ask before I get close and get in the way like the newspaper photogs up here.

  3. @bnvn1 Instead, he doesnt put the safety strap first, he lifts the bed, then gets the chains for the back and walks behind the car. I towed for more than 10 years, many people have died by not putting a safety strap first, then the winch fails and the car rolls back and kills them. He might have put safety straps later, but that defeats the purpose of putting atleast one before he lifts the bed or even walks behind it…….

  4. @bnvn1 Your video is non stop, without being cut as far as I can tell from 2:33 to 2:54. before he even lifts the bed off the ground, he should have put a safety strap at the front of the car. then lift the bed, get the chains to hook the rear, tighten the cable, lower bed completely, put safety strap on passenger side, then tighten the safety strap he should have put on the driver side before lifting the bed…….cont

  5. Great video, I always enjoy watching the crews at work. Have you ever had trouble when filming a chasewreck with the police? They seem pretty ok with you as a spectator.

  6. @Bigwill6363 No, he chained it up in the back and front of the squad car after he got it up in the air. That thing was not going anywhere and if it did, it would have to take the whole truck bed with it. I just cut that part out since the shot I wanted was the car being pulled up to the flat bed.

  7. I like your videos. It's obvious from the video, that tow operator hasnt been properly trained in safety. He trusts the winch too much for one thing. Once he brought the car up on the deck, the first thing he should have done was put a safety strap on his side of the car at the front. Winches FAIL constantly. He will be in the news as a fatality one day if he keeps that up.

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