10/10/2018 Superior, WI Huge Waves

Powerful fall storm bring gales to Lake Superior Winds of 55 to 65 MPH produce damage along the shore. The gale force winds produced waves 20 to 25 feet.
Shot Description

Clip 1. A tree blown down by the strong winds.
Clip 2. A pine tree blown down by the high winds.
Clip 3. Trees blowing in the strong winds.
Clip 4. Windsurfer on Lake Superior.
Clip 5. Huge waves on Lake Superior.
Clip 6. Big waves crashing onto rocks with a light house in the background.
Clip 7. Close up shot of light house with waves crashing over the rocks.
Clip 8 through 11. Monster waves.
Clip 12. Powerful waves crashing over a walkway.
Clip 13 through 15 More powerful waves.

SID: Dirk Miller


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  1. Im surrounded by the biggest fresh water lakes on Earth (Michigan), for anyone whos never been to them they honestly look like the ocean, they are massive. Its a different feel though, no salt in the air. The waves can get so huge they can sink cargo ships.

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